Spotlight on One Lucky Dog Couture

We like to send a “Woof out” whenever we get the chance!!    Today we send out a “high paw” to One Lucky Dog Couture!

Looking for bling?  Looking to have your pup stand out in the crowd?  Searching for quality and exclusive design?  Well, that my friends, is One Lucky Dog Couture.

We are ever so lucky to be able to offer their fabulous line.  From Pretty in Pink Tuxedo Shirts to sweet I Love My Dad Tanks, they have it all.

Wedding dresses, tutu skirts and carriers, One Lucky Dog hand sews each Swarovski Crystal to an unbelievable end product.  100% Cotton tees and meticulous work equal a design we are proud to offer.

Stop in to check out the whole line.  You wont be disappointed!

pretty in pink (350 x 370) Marabella Yellow Dress (350 x 350) Marilyn Tutu thumbs (350 x 297) midnight in paris tutu (350 x 286) sweet barks tee (350 x 438)

Mothers Day

We know that Mothers Day is about celebrating and thanking all of those hard working and loving mothers out there!   But a MOM isn’t just a “child” mom….it can be a dog or cat mom too!!  (or a lizard or snake or whatever is crawling around your  house!)

So we want to not forget all of the doggie moms out there.

You scoop poop and walk miles in the rain……

You brush the teeth of the most uncooperative four legged fur balls

You clean out stinky ears and wash muddy feet

You ride in the car with your lap taken over by sharp stabbing paws that wont stop moving and keep the window down in 30 degree cold weather

You tuck in the beast and let him out 3 times in the middle of the night

You speak in a high pitch to tell the one you love what a great job they did finding their toy

So, thank you!!  We know how hard you work.  We know what good mommys you are!

Bloomingtails Dog Boutique  has everything you need to care for those little critters, and big too.  We offer custom clothing, paw wear, treats, tutus & and so much more.  We even have gift certificates just in case the man in your lie doesn’t know exactly what you need.    We are here to help make your Mothers Day one you wont forget!

Celebrate, kick your feet up and pamper your pooch at Bloomingtails!pillow bed (225 x 169)

Lets Help You Measure Your Pooch

Its a question we get asked almost every day…..”How do I measure my dog for the proper fit?”

Good question.  Its not as cut and dry as you would think.  And, more importantly we want to help you get it right.  We know doggie couture isn’t cheap and getting the right fit is worth its weight in gold in our world.

Firstly,  NO DESIGNER USES THE SAME SIZING CHART.  You will need to take a look at the sizing chart before you choose a size.  One designers chart may have your little fury friend at an x-small and another may put your pooch in a medium.  Weird, I know, but true.

It all depends on where the clothing is made.  Some International designers have smaller charts and dogs in mind when they create their designs.  While other designers may be working with larger pets when putting together their sizing guidelines.  It also depends on the what the designer is making.  For instance…when thinking of funky tees with cool slogans, well you may see the size chart going into the higher range (able to fit your Husky or Great Dane even!)  On the other hand, if the designer is thinking black tie fufu affair, then maybe they are gearing it towards the tiny breeds.

That’s why at Bloomingtails Dog Boutique we try and cover your pooch no matter the size!

So you know to look for the sizing chart but how in the world do we measure??

Well, again a lot easier said than done (especially with squirmy legs everywhere)

Let take a look at a sizing chart or two and see exactly what you need to make sure you get it right each and every time!  The shirt in the sizing chart above shows a really great example of what you need!

Some will size their clothes according to LENGTH.  That measurement consists of the length from the nape of your pals neck (right where their collar sits) to the base of their tail.  That’s where that wagging furry thing starts.

Others will need the GIRTH.  That one is a bit tougher. ITs the measurement around the thickest or broadest part of the chest, going under their front legs and all the way around.  To make a total circle.   That fit ensures nothing is too snug or hangs too loose.

Some designers work solely on weight, and that one is pretty easy.

If you find that your pup meets one measurement in a certain size and is into another size with a different measurement, just let us know.  We can always help.  Its better to go larger so your furry friend doesn’t feel restrained and can move around.

So rest assured we are available for questions.  And we have a wonderful policy to make sure you are never stuck with something that just doesn’t fit right!  We got you covered!

sizing (400 x 163)sizinguse


Lets Talk Tutus

Of course we love doggie tutus!  Who doesn’t?

And of course we have a favorite designer!

Make A Tail Wag is one of our picks for best dog tutu.

We know pet couture.  We work with some of the best designers in the world and we get to see what’s hot and what’s not.  We get to look at details and the work that goes into every frilly dog skirt.  So when we chose Make A Tail Wag, its with good reason.

For beauty they are off the chart.  Super cute and well designed.

One of our favorites is the Alexis Ruffled Dress.  A beautiful tutu dress that makes a statement.

This designer makes sure they can dress your little ones and big ones  so that’s a real plus.  Its so tough to find precious designs for the larger dogs (We know!  We have Marla the Great Dane)


Another favorite is the simple tutu.  Custom made, each and every one.  You choose your size and color.

The best thing about a tutu is the versatility.  You can use them for holiday costumes, you can dress them down with shirt for everyday wear and you can even dress them up for that black tie affair.

Check out a Make A Tail Wag  custom tutu.  You wont be sad that you did.  Neither will your furry friend!

Blackandtealruffledresssideviewsmaller_edited-1 (350 x 547)lady bug tutu (350 x 395)


Highlight on Susan Lanci Designs

12pinkcheetahbigbowcollar (225 x 112)

Lets chat about Susan Lanci Design.

We have been working with Susan Lanci  Designs for many years. They are the designers  of wonderful, high quality dog collars, leashes, harnesses, hair bows, dresses…..(we could go on and on)

They are all made with premium materials, all work is done in the USA.  They use beautiful, exclusive Swarovski Crystals, as proof of this, each of their products bears the “Made with CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski Elements” hang tag bearing an identification number.  Pretty cool huh?

We cant possibly pick a favorite design.  But we wanted to share with you some of our most popular.

The Silver Stardust Tailbow Step In Harness is certainly on the top of our list.  For beauty, this one cant be beat.  Its just gorgous.  But most importantly its comfortable for your dog.  I mean, going to the spa comfortable.  Soft and movable.  Breathable and washable and certainly a head turner.

Arguably the finest dog hair bows available.  The crown being my personal favorite.    They stay in your pups hair, no fuss and no pulling.  Very important.  If you want your furry friend to wear a crown, done.  How about an alligator?  Done.  Even a teddy bear.  So without a doubt the choices are to the moon and back.

Let us not overlook their Cuddle Cups.  They are amazing sacks of love and warmth.  Your furry friend will feel a piece of heaven snuggled up inside of one.  Almost any color combination possible so your home décor will not be without some class.  But on the comfy scale, this design is over the top.    I wish they would make one in human size.  They are just that awesome!

Take a look at all of their designs.  You wont be anything but satisfied and fall in love with each and every piece.

crystal rocks collar (225 x 225)fluffy puppy 1 (225 x 225)special bailey 1 (225 x 225)tiffi bailey harness (225 x 187)


Lets Talk About Beds Baby

pillow bed (225 x 169)

Pet Beds

That’s a loaded subject for sure!

What size? Where will I put it?  Will it match my décor? Can I wash it? Will my dog eat it?  Will my dog even use it?  And, the list goes on……..

Beds are not inexpensive either.  If you are looking for quality and beauty and all of the other added extras, you could spend a nice chunk.  So we want to help you find the best bang for your buck, while still looking like you spent a million.

We had three dogs (RIP Matty girl, we lost our sweet Border Collie a month ago)  So we have beds.  Boy do we have beds.

We have the bed at the end of the bed, bed.  We have the bed in the living room, bed.  We have the bed in the window seat for watching squirrels, bed.  We have the bed in the front room to watch the door, bed.  We have the bed by the pool area, bed.  We have the bed in the little girls room for helping read stories, bed.  And, last but not least we have the bed for traveling in the car, bed.  So, we may have a few too many beds!

They are  all different and serve a different purpose, so each took its own research.  Luckily we get to see a lot of beds and we have picked a few we think may help your decision making.

Im all for the snuggle beds an cuddle cups if you have a smaller pooch.  They are soft and warm and cozy.  They can be washed over and over to keep that fluff.  They are perfect for hiding out and feeling safe.  Very popular and we can never keep them around very long.  Puppies love Snuggly beds, so this bed would be a great addition to your furry friends life.  They come in so many colors and designs so you just cant go wrong.

Our Milo loves to hide out and think we cant see him.  He’s a Burger Bed kinda guy.  They come in bunches of colors and we have to say they are one of the best decisions when it comes to a bed.  They look great, and their quality is fabulous.  They wont break the bank either.    Wash after wash, we love Burger Beds!!

But if you have Marla the Great Dane, she certainly wont fit even her head in there!  (one reason Milo likes his bed so much)  You need a big, keep your shape, kinda bed.  You need something soft enough, something big enough, something you can move without needing a Chiropractor.  We love Pillow beds!  As far as designs, well, go crazy!  You can match any room and still keep your furry friend happy.  We wash our cover a lot….I mean a lot.  Someone likes mud, so we need that feature.

One bed we cant leave out is the Bundle Bed.   They come in so many designs and just look so pretty.   But their best feature…..they are more than a bed.  They make a perfect bed for watching squirrels in the window.  You can cinche them up and they are small and comfy.  You can lie them flat for more of a pad.  We love their price too, very affordable.  They travel well.

Outdoor bed can really cost you.  They tend to be larger and have some qualities that only outside beds have.  So do your homework and find out what you need in a bed and ask questions!!  We are always available and want to help you make the best decision.  If you see a bed somewhere and want to pick our brains, we are good for that too!

And of course our designer beds.  So many we cant really choose a favorite.  Beauty prize goes to our Spa Beds.   This bed is luxury and beauty all wrapped into one.    We cant say enough about the top of the line spa beds….they just make nap times more luxurious.

Happy napping!






National Pet Day

Today is the day!!  Celebrate the dogs and cats and pigs and hamsters and birds and …..well you catch my drift,  that we love and adore so much.  By the way….EVERY ORDER TODAY RECIEVES A FREE GIFT.  Just for being so cool and pampering your pets!!

So, its not just about the hugs and kisses and cuddles.  Or, the long walks and endless hours of Frisbee.  Its not only about the fresh water in your pups bowl or super nutritious food you feed them.  Its not the fuzzy warm sweater or super cute rain coat.    Its also about TEETH BRUSHING!!  There, I said it.

Its that nasty sentence, “C’mon Milo, time to brush your teeth”  Its those words that send most every dog running, or squealing into the other room to bury their heads under the couch.  Its the words the equal pure torture for most pets.  But, it doesn’t have to be so bad.

Let us help you make the worst situation just a tad bit better.

We all know it has to be done and we need to realize how important those chompers are.  Having bright white teeth not only looks pretty spectacular, they are a really important part of keeping your pooch healthy.  They help keep that “dog breath” (the bad kind) at bay.  Little particles can get stuck between your pets teeth and that causes some of that funky odor.

But if your pet is not a chewer, lover of sticks and toys, then you will have to worry about tartar and plaque build up as well.

There are a lot of different products out there.  Sometimes that toothbrush heading in your furry friends direction can be daunting.    Try something less “scary” like a finger brush.    You can just slip one on your finger and it acts more like a massage than a tooth brushing.

The toothpaste doesn’t have to be extreme mint either.  They make all sorts, like beef or peanut butter flavor (YUCK for humans).  Give them a try.

There is also an oral gel to apply to your pets teeth, dental wipes and mint flavor for their water.  So, we have you covered.  A lot of different avenues to get into your dogs mouth and get the job done.

Good luck and happy brushing!





Highlight on One Lucky Dog Couture at Bloomingtails Dog Boutique

We want to share one of our all time favorite Doggie Designers. 

One Lucky Dog Couture offers funky and chic mixed with comfortable and classy.  They maintain high quality and everything is made in the USA!

We are so lucky to be the only online boutique able to offer these fabulous doggie designs.

We carry the entire line (woo hoo) and below is a an exclusive peek at one of our favorite designs.  If you are looking for hip and elegant doggie fashion, stop in to take a look!

This is the Sniffany Tutu Dress

True magic happens when your little girl steps into a fluffy circle of tulle! Thetutu  skirt is made up of multiple layers of tiffany blue tulle and trimmed with white satin ribbon on every layer of tulle. The top is a soft white cotton stretch tee featuring a Sniffany & Co  perfume bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals and topped with a white satin bow with a crystal buckle.. At the waist, a big white satin bow

sniffany dress one lucky dog (225 x 198)