Marla WINS!

Mom has decided that she will start keeping a “damage count” around here. I think shes a bit nuts, but she thinks Im more of a tornado than a dog. She said that Im lucky to be so super cute… super cuddly….and already part of this family or else!!
Lets see…….so far at 10 months old………

1. We have a brand new mail lady (our last one was scared of my bark. C’mom, im too cute to be scary!)
2. The wall lost the last battle and I “accidentally” put my whole self through it! (It was wet out and my feet were a tad slippery. Just couldn’t make the turn in time. Woooops)
3. My boy has lost a few (maybe 10 or so) of the heads off of his army men. Again, not my fault, they were left out so its a free for all!
4. I have resigned my family to three hiding spots for food. The top of the refrigerator, in the microwave or in the stove. (Not my fault Im taller than my dad!)
5. Mommy has a brand new cabinet for the garbage can!! She is so happy. Daddy built it so I cant flip the lid and go to town (dad wasn’t too happy about this construction project!)
6. Mommy got to slide across the floor at the vet! I thought it looked like blast (she wasn’t on the same wave length as I pulled her across hehe) A girl needs to visit new friends!
7. I have fought the battle with the lawn and won! Woo hoo for me. Lots of fresh holes and a race track around the house! I love mud!!
8. Mom and dad now can be safe and warm in bed every night. I sleep across the middle and they get the edges. They wanted a Great Dane and oh my am I great!!!

I have decided that my family is the best and love me no matter what. Im hoping the damage count doesn’t climb too high! I can tell by mommys face that she really isn’t in to damage!! But she loves a good sloppy kiss and I have plenty!

The Moose

Mom calls me a MOOSE! Dad calls me a MOOSE! My boy and girl call me a MOOSE! So, that must mean I am a MOOSE! I am now about 7 months old and about 100lbs. The Doc says Im not done growing and I will get taller and thicker. (mommy looked stunned when the Doc told us)

Here are some cool facts about me……….

1) When I run at full speed I have a hard time stopping unless it entails banging into something with all of my weight.
2) I have no “off” button. When I play, I cant stop. Sometimes that means I get a time out to calm me down.
3) When I drink water Mommy has to mop the floor. Most of it gets out of my mouth somehow, I must have a hole in my chin.
4) When I bark, I scare the mail lady. A lot.
5) When I sleep I make a nice warm pillow for my boy and girl. Most times I don’t even move.
6) I like to sleep in bed with my mom and dad and really don’t care to get down. I have to be physically removed because Im pretty good at the whole “ignoring” thing. They talk, I ignore. Pretty simple!
7) My mom wont bring me to the vet anymore. The last trip made her look silly. I pulled her across the floor to visit a Golden retriever.
8) My brother milo the Puggle is like a tasty treat. I try and kiss him and he ends up with a wet head every time (must be that hole in my chin)
9) I have won the battle of the bath. Mom says for now I win, until she dreams up some crazy way to keep me in the shower. Woo Hoo
10) There aren’t too many chew toys that last in my house. Mom is searching for something that will make the cut, no luck yet!

Stay tuned for more Marla facts!!! This is fun fun fun!

Taking Mommy For A Ride

Yesterday was my first trip to the vet (as a “bigger” girl) with my mom. She brought me when I was smaller, like a 30 pounder, but now Im much bigger. Last weigh in at 88 pounds. Daddy usually brings me since Im harder to control.

Mom thought the trip to the doctor would be a piece of cake. So, she brought me and one of my kids and it turned out to be a bit of chaos!! I thought it was fun, mom not so much.

Firstly, Im certain that no one is putting something in my back end without a lot of growling and squirming. So mom had to let the doctor take me in the back….along with two others they got the job done. But I didn’t go down without a fight!! I wasn’t mean per say, but I wasn’t my cheery happy self.

That wasn’t the hard part according to mom. When we were all finished I decided it was time to say “hi” to the entire waiting room. Small kitties and all. They didn’t take to me as well as I had planned. Most cried and hid and ran, but I persisted… drag my mom all over the place. She looked very silly to say the least. My girl thought she would help and offer me treats, but no treat is better than a sniff of a kitty or stranger. And Ive learned that some people aren’t in love with a Great Dane lick (maybe because they are a bit gooey).

When we got home mom told me “never again” Your dad will bring you next time. So I have made my mark on society….one visit to the vet at a time!!

The Final Count

Today is Thanksgiving….my first Thanksgiving. We had lots of people in my house so being a good girl was really tough! Everybody in my family loves dogs of course. (I don’t think mom or dad would let them in if they didn’t!) I had that going for me. So I was a hit. I think the whole family was counting how many items of food I stole, knocked over, or at least got a really good lick on!! I did great!!

Lets see……I ate all of Noahs Fruit snacks (he’s 3, it was way too easy!) Most of Emi’s cookies (another 3 year old, enough said) Rhys Potatoes (He gave them to me, I swear) A dish of kielbasa (too close to the edge of the counter, not my fault) a good lick of moms chocolate pie (I saw her look at me, again not my fault) A pair of headphones (they left them out, how was I supposed to know) My brother Milo (I do that every day) Grandmas crackers (She gave them to me, that’s what she said anyway, shhhhh!) Grandpas shrimp (I just jumped right up and stole it before he could eat it, very sneaky of me)

That’s just the items they caught me eating. If I ever fessed up with everything I did today…..oh boy! Both Grandmas said Im just a puppy, its not my fault. They said that a lot today. And Uncle Bill carries dog bones in his pockets, so following him around all day is again not my fault!

So, Happy Thanksgiving from one big oaf! A lot bigger now after eating all of the things I normally don’t! (yeah right!)

Jingle Jingle

So Mom thinks Im a tornado in the house! I guess she’s right. I knock over kids, other dogs, even mom! Furniture and toys, get out of my way. Mom thought playing outside and getting some “energy” out would do the trick. Not so much. I come in and bring I the leaves and dirt AND then proceed to knock everything down. So I guess that’s not the answer. Unfortunately mom did some research (I HATE when she gets on that computer and gets answers to all of my “issues”)

She got some silly bell, a Christmas bell and tied it to my collar. And I am VERY unhappy about this. I swear some elf is following me ringing a bell. I am constantly looking behind me thinking I will catch him, but no elf. Just my tail. I think mom is losing her mind and bringing me with her!!

She said it will calm me down a bit. I beg to argue about that. Im a puppy still, I may be over 70 lbs already and full of drool and have disaster written all over me, but Im still a baby!!
Mom says that’s all fine and dandy. Drool she can deal with. Food out of my dish all over is ok too. Some things knocked over, ok. But when I ate all of moms papers in her office I think I went a bit over board. Hence this crazy bell!!!

And you know what, mom is right!! It works!! Yipeee for her, boo for me. I am calmer, I am more aware of what is around me. I go slower in the house because you know that little elf is somewhere….and Im gonna catch him!!!


I burned my paw. I decided I was going to jump up to see what was on the hot stove…..EVEN though mom and dad told me not to. They said I would get burned…..they said I would have to go to the vet and that it would be really bad…….and I did it anyway!!

So, this is day three! I don’t have any blisters or skin off of my paw but it hurts REALLY bad. I am limping around (have you seen a Great Dane limp??? Not good!) and need extra attention. Thankfully my girl is training to be a vet, even though shes only 8! Shes really good at it. She puts nice cold ice on my tootsie lots of times each day and then rubs a soft cream on it. Its got stuff in it to help the pain and I can lick it and not get a sick belly!! BONUS!! Its a win win.

Well, I think if you get hurt you should be treated a little extra special. So extra food and treats, sleep with my mom and dad in their bed. You know, the whole nine. This morning I broke my dog dish to start the day because I flipped it over….just checking to see if there was maybe a few bites that were hidden underneath. Mom wasn’t all that happy. :( Then, I broke the top off of my dog treat jar!!! Like I said, extra treats!! (She only gave me one and I should get at least 4 or 5…right???) Well, she wasn’t happy again. Im on a roll!!!

Since its only 10:30 in the morning, mom said that if I break anything else Ill have to pay for it. BLAH…..I have no money. Ill probably have to break my boys piggy bank to get some. Ive been eyeing it up for weeks!!!

Mom said this is called CHAOS!!! I think its fun!!! Vacuums are running, kids are screamimg and laughing, dog jumping from couch to couch!! I think this is the good stuff!! AND its raining which means a muddy floor. It only gets better…..sorry mom!!!

NOT this girl…..

So my mom thinks she is the “queen” of giving us all baths (like it or not!)
My brother, he’s really easy. He just gets picked up and plopped into the shower with my girl or boy and has no say in it. He really doesn’t complain but Im pretty sure he would growl if he knew how to!! haha!!
My sister, well she does whatever anyone wants. So she jumps right in the first time mom or my girl or my boy asks. I mean really, who does that?? No hesitation, just right on. Trying to be a kiss up I suppose.
Not this girl…..Im a fighter. Mom thinks we all are going to be easy, go with the flow. Nope, I protest. Im not going in the bathroom if I have the slightest feeling of “bath time”. No way. And the bath tub, what a joke. I can jump out of there in a flash so mom is not even trying it. I hear her talking to dad or on the phone about me….she thinks she has the upper hand. Yeah right mama!! The shower, well she USED to get me in there….until I toppled the 60 lb mark. Im not playing in the water, Im not going to get all suds in my hair…Im not even going behind that glass door….without a fight!!! So tonight, I have proven my point. My boy wont even try it (and mom isn’t going to let him anyway I suppose) My dad doesn’t really get into the “dog bath” thing unless mom is moaning and groaning about it. My girl wants to so badly….because she is just like mom, Wants to prove a point of her own. Tonight was a win in my corner. Marla defeats the house at bath time. I pushed that door open lots of times, got so much water on the floor it was funny and took off through the house like a crazy dog….crazy wet dog!! I bet it will be awhile before she tries to shove me back in there! I give it at least a week!! And when its time Im going to be bigger and stronger and fight way harder…because Im a Great Dane and Im a Winner. Ill keep you posted!

Uh Oh……

I finally did it! Mom said it was coming and it came. It was the day I ate my girls shoe. I swear I didnt mean it. It was shiny and pink (my favorite color of course) and it was just sitting there. On the stairs. Ready to be put away. But, I was faster and I got it. I chewed it right up and even with slobber and only half left, it was still shiny and perfect to me!!!

That’s not how my girl saw it. Oh no, she cried and was really mad. Not at me because she said it wasnt my fault (although I was the one who ate it??? Shoulda been my fault) She was mad at herself, she said she should have put it away. I don’t think that would have been too much fun. Then there would be no shiny shoe to chew.

So now there isn’t much left to chew. Except silly dog toys which aren’t as shiny as pink shoes. But mom said its a good learning lesson. Not for me, because I see it like this……..I learned that I must be faster than my family….chew faster and steal faster!! That’s the lesson I learned! Next time I will get the whole shoe, not just half!

Where Should I Sleep??

Mom and dad are pretty cool. They let us pretty much have the roam of the house. Mom says that a person shouldn’t have a dog if they cant treat them like family. So that means we can sleep on the couches (occasionally pushing my boy and girl out of their space), play in the playroom (sometimes we steal things from the toys bins that are clearly not ours)and get lots of baths in the bathtub (that is not something we would be doing if we had a choice).

Now that leaves bedtime. My little brother has his routine all set. He sleeps with our girl for the start of the night and then under mom and dads covers for the rest of the night! I don’t think mom or dad tell him no concerning much of anything. What Milo wants, Milo gets. I would say that means he is spoiled.

As for my sister, well she is working at bedtime. She really doesn’t sleep all that much. She spends the night hours pacing or checking on the kids or staring out the windows. So she sleeps, well I don’t even know where she sleeps. Around I guess.

As for me, well the dilemma has begun. I would like to sleep with mom and dad. But they wont let me. They do this “teaser” thing where for a few hours I can rest in their bed. They try and get me all sleepy and then carry me to my cage. YUCK! I don’t want the cage thing, I want the bed. I like the bed. So I cry and fight and act like, well like a baby! Because I am!!! Mom says when I am bigger and don’t have accidents on the floor I can sleep in their room. I cant wait because this cage thing is not working for me. I will keep you posted because I am really working on them (I might be making some headway, but don’t tell! Our secret!)

Color Me BLUE!!

Today was super fun!!! I got a blue tail! Yup, I look like a smurf!

Mom decided to paint the wall in my boy and girls playroom. I decided to rub against that newly painted wall (more than one time of course!) and I look fabulous!! Mom said that along with my blue tail, I also have a sticky head from Marla, so I look like a sticky Smurf! Matty made it out alive today, no sticky head and no blue fur. So I don’t think she will be headed to the bath tomorrow. I bet I will, and I am not happy about it! Serves me right mom said! And Marla is safe too. She wasn’t even allowed down in the playroom. Mom said shes like an elephant and would most definitely knock the whole paint can over. She wasn’t even worried about paint on her tail, more like paint all over the rug!

So, tonight I will dream of shampoo and suds and all of the things I hate the most. Sweet dreams world. Boo