Mommy just wanted to say a little something heartfelt.  I know she tries to write about her furkids most of the time, but sometimes she just has to say something that makes her heart very happy!!

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pretty Cool Huh??  Well, it means a lot to our entire family because my Grandma had breast cancer and it was very scary!  We all had a very tough year, especially my Grandma.  And my Grandma is pretty darn special.  She loves us very much!!  She loves all animals and was the one who taught my mom about the things that really matter in the world.

She taught my mommy about compassion and empathy.  About how we are all the same on the inside so it never matters what we look like on the outside.  She tells us every day how much she loves us and is so lucky to have us in her life. Even Marla when she jumps on Grandma and almost knocks her over.  Even when she slobbers on her!!  ( I don’t like that slobber on my head at all!!)

My Grandma was very sick.  She wasn’t able to play in the yard with us or take us shopping.  She tried but she was very tired.   She spent a lot of time at the doctors with my mommy and everyone was always crying.  But now Grandma is strong and healthy.  The doctors fixed her all up!!!  Mostly its amazing because she was always happy, even on the days when she felt the worst.   She said its because on those days she would close her eyes and think of how lucky she was.  (She had cancer, how was she lucky??)  My mommy asked her that all of the time.  She said the same thing every time.  It was because she was so lucky to have Grandpa and her two children.  And her grandkids were her whole heart!  (We are included in that just in case you were wondering!)  She had a warm house and good food to eat.  She said some people never have any of that.

So, Grandma has taught us all so much.  When Marla slobbers on my head, I am lucky.  Because I have a big sister that can slobber on me.  When Matty digs a hole (because I would never) and I get caught playing in it, I’m still pretty lucky.  Because I have holes to play in when some doggies have no real home and live in a shelter.  :(  I am lucky when I get to steal only half of my boys sandwich.  At least I have a boy  (and a yummy sandwich)  I am lucky when my girl puts me in the pink stroller (yes, I know I’m a boy, but what she wants trumps what I want! UGHHH) and wheels me around the neighborhood talking my ear off.  Then proceeds to dress me up and tuck me into bed.  (Yes, this is really my life!)  I am just lucky!!!

Lets all say hooray for the people who have fought cancer and won!!!  Lets say “BE STRONG!” for all of those who are fighting right now.  Lets say ” we miss you” to the people who have fought and now are free from pain.  Life is scary, life is sometimes unfair but mostly, LIFE IS GOOD!!pink ribbon

OH NO, Halloween…….

Mom is starting to think about COSTUMES!!  Yup, I said it, those silly outfits we have to wear so she can take pictures and strut us around helping to candy we cant even eat.  I think its crazy really……

I guess she is having a hard time this year with all of the new choices.  She makes Dad look at pictures and then calls in my boy and girl.  Then they all vote.  Im hoping they have a tie and aren’t able to decide.  Right now she is think the tuxedos from the movie Dumb & Dumber would be perfect.  I say, not so much.  I say we will look like a bunch of nuts walking around in pale blue and orange formal wear.

But if I have come to realize something about my Mom, its that we will be wearing costumes and pretending to like it, just for her.  Because she loves us so much I guess we owe her that much.  And I might even sit still for pictures.  I cant guarantee that the other two will.  But Ill pass the word along!!

What will you all be wearing this year??harry costume (225 x 238) lloyd dog costume (225 x 314)


My mom wanted to share a few tips with you all!  Its super hot here and us doggies get over heated so easily!  Here are a few things my mom does to keep us cool!!!

1. Never leave us in the car!!  NEVER NEVER NEVER!  Now, I enjoy going for a ride more than any dog around but, when its hot like this mom always says no.  Im better off waiting at home until she gets back.  The car gets much hotter than we can endure, even with the windows cracked!

2.  Always have fresh cold water available, both inside and out.  My mommy puts ice cubes in our water so that its super cold!! (its a big myth that they will make us sick, ice cubes rock!!)  Sometimes she makes us ice cube trays full of water and chicken broth and those are extra special!

3.  Lots of shade!!!  Always have a spot in the shade available.  Mom lets us play and then we come in to cool down.  We don’t like it out there for too long (especially Marla because she is so big!)  If your moms and dads leave you out all day make sure you have a cool spot to rest!

4.  Go SWIMMING!!  My sister Matty loves to swim so she jumps right in the pool whenever she can.  I prefer not to swim but I do go in if my boy and girl take me.  Marla hates to swim and fights mom and dad so they don’t make her (I think its funny how she acts like a great big baby!)

5.  Wear some shoes.  I know it sound funny but our feet get hot too!  Especially on the pavement.  Stick to the grass with no protection.  Even hats and visors and sun glasses!   My mom loves to put all of that stuff on us.  It sure makes us more comfortable!

6. Let us rest.  I love walks, you love walks but somedays its just too darn hot.  If we do go its not as far as usual.  We cant cool down as easily as moms and dads.  They make cool collars so that you can stay chilly even on the hottest walk!  Try one of those. And of course cool mats which are super fun to sleep on!!

Stay cool to all of my tongue flapping, tail wagging buddies!!

Pink Day!

Woo Hoo….its National Pink Day!!
My mom thinks that National Pink Day is pretty exciting. I don’t agree.
She thinks we should all be wearing pink today…..again, I don’t agree.
At least pink nails she says. That will be something she does while I nap because if you can imagine, I am not sitting still for a nail painting. Not pink nails, not even on pink day. I know she will get them painted, she always does. (I pretend to sleep just so she can win that battle, makes her feel better. Just call me a people pleaser!)
My brother is sooooo lucky. Since hes a boy he doesn’t have to participate. Unless you count the stroller he gets to ride around town in. Thats because my girl decided it had to be pink, no matter who rides in it. So I chuckle everytime…poor guy!
But Matty and I are not getting off that easy. Mom says at least a festive collar to brighten our day! Does she have any idea that we would rather dig up the yard, roll in the grass and eat sticks?? None of it pink.
We will go along with it….only because she loves us so much.
Happy Pink Day everyone!!

Just Keep Swimming

Pool is OPEN! Woo Hoo! Now the big job starts for me…..watching my boy and girl at the pool. Now, Im a Border Collie so that means I work very hard. That means every day. But in the summer I work overtime….I mean extra hours, extra hard.
Those kids insist on laughing and running and jumping which makes me crazy! I cant just lie around and watch those activities, I need to supervise. I need to run back and forth near the edge of the pool barking and crying and drooling. (and yes, I fall in, pretty much every day!) Its just in my nature. I also need to follow the kids to the pool house for popsicles, over to the swings and back, up to the house for potty breaks. Oh, the list goes on.

Those kids also insist that I take a break and go for a swim. Not really my cup of tea but how could I say No?? So, I reluctantly climb down the steps and swim across to the kids. They seem to love it so of course I indulge them. I see it as brownie points. I am the only dog in this house who goes in the water so I feel “special”.

Sometimes a girl can dream of rainy days…..that means more naps! Paws crossed!

Memorial Madness

My Mom and Dad and my boy and girl went away this weekend for some silly camping trip. So, that means grandma stayed with us!! USUALLY we love grandma visits….eat what we want, sleep on her all day and night. No rules, just fun.

But this time, Grandma gave me a bath 3 whole times!! Now, really grandma!! I was not happy. Im too big and too stubborn for starters. I usually give mom enough of a hard time that she either gives in or its pretty quick. Not grandma!! She said I had really dirty feet from digging a hole I should not have been digging. She said it was my own fault (nothing is really my fault) So, instead of a nice bucket or wash cloth just for my tootsies, it was a full bath kinda bath. Suds and all. The kind I really hate having. Grandma says she like clean doggies, so I am officially as clean as I can be. She even clipped my nails…..ughhhhhh!!! And my ears!!! My ears didn’t dig the hole.
Next time we need to re-think babysitters…..
Love, Marla

Mommys BEST girl………Today!

Mom doesn’t often write about me. Im Matty, the Border Collie. Im 8 years old and really, Im pretty much all dog! I don’t like to get dressed up and I would prefer to do my job (watch my kids and make sure they don’t get into any trouble). I like to be kissed and snuggled for a few minutes and then I have had enough. So I protect my kids and the house and don’t really like to be doted on. That’s my story. Im from a local farmer who had a litter of “oopsies” and mom and dad were fortunate to get me as a tiny little baby! Im a very good girl and dpnt get into trouble. Most times you don’t even know Im here.

But today Mom and dad are VERY proud of me. You see, doing my job means watching the other two dogs at my house. If you follow “their” antics you would know they do their share of silly things. Today was one of those days.

Dad decided to leave a steak to marinate out on the stove. Now, he knows better of course but he thought, hmmmmmmm it will only be for a few minutes. Of course a few minutes is long enough for my great big sister Marla to snatch anything. And dad thought it was pushed back far enough out of her reach. Wrong again. Marla can reach anything, pretty much anywhere. So I am blaming dad for this one, but I handled the problem!

Mom heard some fighting, normal stuff here. Dog wrestling and barking is an every day occurrence. This fighting was different. Marla tried to get that steak and I had to pin her to the ground and almost eat her to stop her. Mom came out to find Marla on the ground and me on top of her with her neck in my mouth. Mom screamed, it looked worse than it was. No blood, no boo boos…just a lot of gnarling and growling. Lets just say mom didn’t know really how to intervene. I was very mad and Marla is very big, that could be the creation of some large problems. I think she was scared to get into the middle of that.
I decided to let Marla up and she went right in her crate, scared as a mouse. Dad has his steak, I got a bone and a big kiss from mom and all is well.

I guess you could say I officially rule this house!! I always thought so, now everybody else knows too!! Mission accomplished!

Happy Mothers Day!!

The three of us would like to take this moment and thank all of you doggie mommys everywhere!! Us four legged kids are so very lucky to have you, for all that you do for us!!!

Our mommy is the best!! (She would like to think she is a super duper doggie mommy!!)

without the mommys like her and you, where would we be??

My mommy is the best because…………..

*She cuddles all of us (even when we don’t feel like cuddling she insists!)
*She always makes sure we have fresh cold water both inside and outside (Even adds ice cubes because they are super fun to make messes with)
*Always makes sure our food bowls are full. We don’t over eat so she can do that for us. Lucky Ducks!!
*Everyone has a bone to chew. We sometimes swap bones and steal each others and shes always there to make sure no fighting goes on!
*She tries to make sure we go for fun car rides. Like bringing our boy and girl to school. And of course, the windows are down to just the right height so we can catch some cool air but not fall out!
*She lets us sleep in the bed…..(Milo anyway) but we all have comfy beds (or couches) to lounge in
*Makes sure our teeth are brushed and ears are cleaned and nails are clipped (and painted pink for Marla….poor girl) Even though they are not the things we love most, mom says its so we stay healthy and happy!
*Gives us our weekly baths…..again, no fun but mom says so!
*Lets us run and play outside o at the ball park
*Takes us to the vet when we need to go so someone can invade our space and poke us with needles and do all of the things that we hate!! But its for our own good!
*Takes our picture……a lot!!!

We could go on and on……but in honor of our mom….WE LOVE YOU!! And for all of those mommies who do the same, WE LOVE YOU TOO!!! This world is a better place because of our sloppy kisses and unconditional love and because we have super mommies who love us no matter what! We are a part of this family and your mom makes you a part of yours.

Here is to wishing on the next shooting star that all dogs everywhere feel the love that we feel. That they never feel cold or sad or hungry. That no one ever lays a mean hand on them or leaves them out in the rain or snow. That they never sit in hot cars or go without food or water. That they all have kids to run and play with and lots of sticky faces to lick. Amen!

Another one bites the dust………………

So Mom and Dad have had to “change” a lot around here since I came home. Ive put holes straight through walls, knocked down everything not nailed down, ruined most of the furniture, and am pretty used to “No Marla” from my kids. Its ok they say, they love me way too much. So I get snuggled a lot and pretty much am treated like a princess here. I would say its a good gig for someone my size.

The newest change is the grass……or lack there of!! My mom and dad had to dig up most of the front lawn area and are now laying patio blacks there. Yup, my fault again. I suppose its my huge paws that are the culprit. Maybe its because I run at lightening speed around the house and have made my very own race track. Or because Im a super digger. I can carve out a hole in the blink of an eye. Believe me, I mean business when it comes to hole digging!! Or, it could be the mud I drag in the house. (Ill be happy when mom is done with her melt downs…that’s what daddy says! She is constantly cleaning the floors. Making us all a bit nutsy!)

I think every Great Dane owner goes through the same thing. We don’t mean to be clumsy or goofy. Its just in our nature. We don’t mean to knock over furniture, we try and sit and it doesn’t always work out. We don’t mean to slobber. I think a lot of water can fit into this big mouth. We just think we are smaller….maybe like a Chihuahua. NOT!

Marla WINS!

Mom has decided that she will start keeping a “damage count” around here. I think shes a bit nuts, but she thinks Im more of a tornado than a dog. She said that Im lucky to be so super cute…..so super cuddly….and already part of this family or else!!
Lets see…….so far at 10 months old………

1. We have a brand new mail lady (our last one was scared of my bark. C’mom, im too cute to be scary!)
2. The wall lost the last battle and I “accidentally” put my whole self through it! (It was wet out and my feet were a tad slippery. Just couldn’t make the turn in time. Woooops)
3. My boy has lost a few (maybe 10 or so) of the heads off of his army men. Again, not my fault, they were left out so its a free for all!
4. I have resigned my family to three hiding spots for food. The top of the refrigerator, in the microwave or in the stove. (Not my fault Im taller than my dad!)
5. Mommy has a brand new cabinet for the garbage can!! She is so happy. Daddy built it so I cant flip the lid and go to town (dad wasn’t too happy about this construction project!)
6. Mommy got to slide across the floor at the vet! I thought it looked like blast (she wasn’t on the same wave length as I pulled her across hehe) A girl needs to visit new friends!
7. I have fought the battle with the lawn and won! Woo hoo for me. Lots of fresh holes and a race track around the house! I love mud!!
8. Mom and dad now can be safe and warm in bed every night. I sleep across the middle and they get the edges. They wanted a Great Dane and oh my am I great!!!

I have decided that my family is the best and love me no matter what. Im hoping the damage count doesn’t climb too high! I can tell by mommys face that she really isn’t in to damage!! But she loves a good sloppy kiss and I have plenty!