We just wanted to update you all!!  The vet called today and I DO NOT have cancer.  My Mom and Dad are so elated.  We have all been pretty worried.  I did have a Terratoma.  The doctor said its very very rare and shouldn’t come back.  He said that he has only seen 4 in whole career.  I think Im pretty special now!

But I should heal right up and be able to continue my zoomies in the yard very soon.

Maybe I will be more calm and learn to get along with my sister.  Fingers crossed folks!!

Tough Week

Mom and Dad decided it was time to get me “fixed”.  They had been holding out for a few reasons.  But, Mom said since I wasn’t going to ever, ever, ever (I guess that means NEVER) have puppies, it was time to make sure and have me spayed!  It was the right thing to do.

I had the surgery and the Doc said I did great.  I don’t think he was talking about before the surgery when I growled at him (last time I saw him he was “fixing” my impacted anal gland!)  Clearly I did not forget!!

They did find a mass so we are now waiting for results.  Its an estrogen producing mass so the Doc thinks that may be why I want to eat my sister Matty most days.  And, why I almost jump through the front window when I am excited.  He said it should calm me down and make me “like” my sister.  Mom has been walking around with her fingers crossed.  She says its been quite stressful with my behavior lately.

I think I have been fine.  Just a happy girl…….but as I have heard the ramblings, I don’t think I have been as good as I should have been.  I am working on my “easy” command when someone walks by or if I see a Kitty.  Its been going well, I am really putting my best paw forward.  I have also been learning to walk on my lead which is super duper! I acted like a crazy woman before, bucking like a bronco.  Now I walk pretty and don’t pull.  Mom says its HUGE because I may even be able to go for family walks.  Right now I get free reign in the yard, lots of space for zoomies!  But a walk sounds like so much fun!!

Its been a long week trying to stay “calm” and not rip my stitches.  The cone around my neck is certainly not a good look.  No pictures please!!!  Im so big, my cone is so big and I cannot fit through the door ways!!  My family laughs at me.  They say its cute!  (me, not so much!)

But we will keep you updated when the results are in.  Send warm thoughts! We appreciate it!!


Marla the Greatest Dane



Allright folks, its that time of year!  BASEBALL

My boy is going to be Derek Jeter when he grows up.  (I hope, Ill get lots of cookies)  He’s going to build a Veterinary Center for my girl (she is going to be a Veterinarian of course).  He’s buying my dad and mom a really big RV so they can travel all over and watch his games (of course space for all of us crazy pups)

So, in honor of my boy, my mom decided to show you all of the cool baseball stuff Bloomingtails has!!  All new!!

yankees allum bowl (225 x 225) yankees bandana (225 x 171) yankees leather collar (225 x 213) yankees bat (225 x 225) yankees pinstripe (225 x 247)


Mom likes to tell our stories and she hopes you like them!

We have been so “stuck” in the house this winter that we don’t have as many stories as usual.  I mean, if we could be outside a bit more we could……

Bark at the  mailman and scare him away

Pretend we own the street and bark at every passing car, kid or dog

Dig up mommies flowers and grass (one of my favs)

Pull the kids off of the swings

Stare at a rock where a chipmunk just might live for HOURS

Eat dirt

So, all of the normal things.  But we are stuck in the house and are counting down the days until spring, or at least a ray of sunshine.  That will do!

In the meantime, mommy is having a Wooflink sale.  If any of you get dressed like I do, you will love what we have.  Mommy says she needs to move it all so we can get ready for spring!  If you are interested in saving lots of money on the sweetest clothes just send mommy a message at

She would love to help you get all of your goodies!!

Love, Milo

alice 1 (225 x 225)basicallyperfect1 (225 x 225)elizabeth 1 (225 x 225)ohboy1 (225 x 225)




Mommy usually doesn’t write about products here.  She says she likes to keep this page for all of the crazy things we do.  To talk about our lives and share stories.  But, mommy has found something she just couldn’t wait to share!!

You know when your mom owns a dog boutique she makes you wear some of the outfits.  I say “makes” because sometimes I would rather be naked.  But I try them on and I let her know my feelings.  She says it helps her “build” the site.  It helps her to know which items she should show all of the other doggie lovers and which items she really doesn’t think would work.

Well, both mommy and me agree that these 4 legged outfits are super awesome.  Its darn cold where I live.  Mommy says that a lot of other doggies are cold too.  Or wet and soggy in the rain.  So these outfits are perfect!!

We have 5 styles, and they are all different!  For different climates and such!

Flashy, Cozy, Sparky, Zippy, Classyclassy 1 (225 x 225) cozy 1 (225 x 225) flashy 1 (225 x 225) sparky 1 (225 x 225) zippy 5 (225 x 225)

Check them out!  They are pretty cool indeed!!

What a SCARE!

On Sunday I had to be taken to the Emergency Vet and what a scare I gave my family.

I woke up shaking and crying and panting.  Mommy said my little arms and legs were rigid and I looked very sick.  Daddy and my girl drove me right to the emergency vet because my mommy kinda freaked out!  She does that when she thinks we are hurt or sad. I wish I could have told her I would be OK!

The very nice Doctor said that he thought I had some pain.  Maybe a little flu or sore ribs, but nothing to worry about.  My temperature was good and I had calmed down a little bit.  He said that little dogs can twist wrong or even jump off the bed and hurt their legs or a paw.  Then we display the same symptoms.  We shake because it hurts and we cant get comfy.  We just get really nervous.

So, he gave me something to make the muscles relax and now I am 100% perfect again!

I wont lie, I really loved the extra attention.  (not like I don’t get enough anyway)  But I got some special treats and food and lots of cuddles from my boy and girl.  They carried me everywhere I had to go almost like a prince!  The prince I am!!

Mommy still stares at me a lot to just make sure I am OK!  What would she do without me!

IMG_0082 IMG_0012


uh oh……

Today was my vet visit.  Not a happy day.  Not at all.

You see, I have a nice yard where I can run and play all day.  I have an electric fence too, so I cant leave my wonderful yard.  Mommy and Daddy have tried taking me on walks but they have always been one big….FAIL.  So, the yard it is.  I wear my collar but hate my harness.  I mean HATE.  So we have all agreed that the yard with my collar and no harness is a win-win for the whole bunch of us.

Well, today I realized we would be having problems when my Dad got out the harness.  I hate the thought of it, wont even sit still to put it on.  That was “fight” number one.  I lost.

Then Dad decided I needed to get in the car.  No way Jose!  Cheese wasn’t even getting me in there.  That was “fight” number two.  I almost won.  I put up the fight of my life.  If you can imagine a Great Dane playing dead, well you have the picture in your head right on.  I turned to jello.  I wasn’t going to walk calmly, I wasn’t even headed towards the car.  Dad had to finally carry me while I kicked and scratched.  Mom held the cheese and begged.  Ha, what a sight.  Mom said if the neighbors were watching they would be posting it on the internet for sure.  Ok, fight number two, I lost.  They got me in the car.  Sad me!

So, the vet visit wasn’t too pretty either.  Mom said she was opting out (whatever that means)  She stayed home and wished Dad luck.  They both knew it wasn’t going to go smoothly.

I didn’t want to get out of the car and Dad had to beg again and finally tricked me.  (He said that he saw a kitty!  LIAR)

Then when we got in the vet I decided that everyone needed a kiss and to shake my hand.  Maybe it was the treats and the attention, who knows.  Mom told Dad later that it was my beautiful bow on my collar.  He laughed at her.  I agreed, it was pretty flashy!

All of the happy times ended pretty abruptly when I saw not two, or three, but FOUR needles coming at me.  Yeah right.  No Great Dane takes that laying down if you know what I mean.  I wasn’t happy with that silly Doctor.  They told me it was good for me and would keep me healthy, and all of that mumbo jumbo.  I think they were trying to tire me out so I would get into the car later.  No chance!

The back in the car time was the worst Dad told Mom.  He said one lady stopped to watch and said it was the funniest thing she had ever seen.  Dad smiled but still had steam coming from his ears.  I did the “dance” with Dad.  That’s where I stand on my back legs and put my paws on Dads shoulders and hug him and kiss his ear. I think it works well at home but in public is another story.  He used it against me today and danced me right into the car.  The vet tech watched out the window and everyone clapped when Dad finally got me in.  I lost again…..

So,  now that I am healthy and strong and have endured this terrible day, I feel we may never have to visit the Vet again.  Mom said that’s not true.  But, next time Im sure I will fight harder, because that’s what I do. They all still really love me and call me the prettiest girl, so I guess its ok to not give in.  Until next time!


Mom decided to see who reads our posts.  She says that if someone reads what we write they can save money when they shop!!  Pretty cool huh??

So, if you read this and then decide to shop at then you can save money!!  Here is how….

Just enter the code “blog20” when you checkout.  Then 20% will automatically come right off of your order total.  Easy right!!!  Mom thinks so!!  If a lot of people read this and use the coupon she is going to send out secret shopper coupons to those folks.  I CANT WAIT!!!


Good luck & happy shopping!!!



Marla, Matty & Milo


holiday stripe (225 x 225)

Yup, I hate socks.  That’s really an understatement.  They don’t agree with me to say the least.

Mommy thinks I need them.  She says I have cold feet (yes I do but I wont tell her that)  She says when you are 11 pounds you need to protect your feet inside and outside.  She also says that since we own Bloomingtails I should wear the socks that mommy suggests to other pup owners.

So Im not on board at all with her.  I love getting my jammies on.  I love my fleece jackets and even my costumes. OK Love is a strong word for the costumes, I don’t mind my costumes.  I do mind everyone pointing and saying how cute I am (Im a big tough and strong boy right??)  I do however, HATE my socks.

I don’t come when mommy calls me, I run the other way.  I wont sit still and kick my little feet all around.  Then, when she thinks we are all set I take off running.  (no skid bottoms of course) Then I shake my legs and try to get them off.  If that doesn’t work I go crazy on the sofa flipping around.  That usually gets at least one stirred free.  Then I chew the remaining socks off and scatter them so mom cant find them.  I always make sure she comes up at least one short so she doesn’t try again.

All in all, its tiring for both of us.  She thinks they are soooo cute, I say bah-humbug to socks.  Santa better not send me any this year.  I may try burying them in the snow.  Im sure mom wont let up, shes gonna try again because that’s just how mom is!!

Do you wear socks????

Another Rainy Day

MORE RAIN!  We cant run outside because we will be all mud.  Muddy feet equal a muddy house.  I think when there are 3 of us (that’s 12 feet) mommy cant risk the crazy mud. Of course we don’t just go outside, do our business and come in.  Mommy calls that wishful thinking.

I usually tinkle on the good shrubs out front and then I walk around gingerly to stay dry.  I don’t like wet feet so I will sit under the shrubs and refuse to walk back in when mommy calls me.  I guess if I just came in I could avoid all of the nonsense but that would be no fun.  She calls and gets sad because I wont listen.  I sneak further into the shrub, just a vicious circle.

Then theres my sister Matty.  She pretty much does everything she is told.  Mommy says its because shes smart and a Border Collie.  I think shes trying to be the favorite personally.  She goes out no matter wind, snow or rain.  But, and there is always a but……she is calculated.  She must first stare back at the door to make sure its shut.  Then she stands in the rain and scans the yard and the road for minutes.  TOO many minutes.  Then she will proceed to do her business, secretly, off somewhere no one is watching.  Oh, she is such a lady.  Then she runs to the back porch (again, she is smart and its covered) and sits and waits for mommy to come to that door.

Lastly, my other goof ball sister Marla.  She hates the rain.  HATES the rain.  She wont go out and will turn into an immovable object in the doorway.  Looks kinda like that cat in a cartoon with her paws stretched out past the door frame.  Mommy pushes, she doesn’t move.  Mommy tries the cookie trick, she doesn’t move.  She begs her and then somehow mommy wins!!  Out she goes.  But she turns right back around and attempts to open the door (yes, she can do that!!)  Mommy has to lock it.  She presses her face up to the glass and stares and cries.  Only until she realizes mommy isn’t opening the door until she goes potty.  Then off she goes.  After the initial “shock” of being wet she turns into a mad woman.  Running around the house at top speeds.  Ripping up the grass (whatever is left of it).  Crashing into my shrub that Im secretly hiding under.   Barreling over Matty in an attempt to get her to join the madness.  Jumping like a deer and grabbing every stick or leaf she can fit in her mouth.  She is soaked and very muddy and decides she is having a blast and will not come back in.  (that’s when mommy gets that red can of doom out)

That’s the Pet Corrector.  Mommy says is wonderful and works really well.  It scares the petunias out of me and I hate it.  I come in the house in a flash.  Matty does too.  Marla sees the can, hears the can and almost takes mommys legs out.  She knows better than to stand in the door way.

If all of the bedroom and bathroom doors are shut its zoomies through out the entire downstairs.  Usually the couch gets knocked over and something falls but after the initial crazed run, she takes a 3 hour nap.

This is our normal rainy day.  Mommy hates rainy days, I think because of this.  We love to torture her!!